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Mutable Cross of the 'Holy Spirit'   for those on 'probation':

Mutable Cross  Cross Mutable

The four arms of this Cross are Gemini - Virgo - Sagittarius - Pisces.

Mutable Signs (a.k.a. common)
Signs associated with adaptability and flexibility.They also correspond to the Cadent Houses
in the Wheel identified as part of the Quadruplicities.

Virgo is one of the arms of the mutable cross, with its opposite sign of Pisces, and the airy Gemini and fiery Sagittarius completing the four arms.

It is the common cross of those who have 'probationary status'.

Its description is as follows:
"The mutable cross is the cross of the 'Holy Spirit', of the third person of the Christian trinity, as it organizes substance and evokes sensitive response from 'substance itself'."

(Note the beautiful correlation of this statement with the fact that the Holy Spirit over-shadowed Mary.)

Upon the Mutable Cross, the crucified man sees naught of the picture.

He suffers, agonizes, desires, strives, is the 'apparent victim of circumstances', and is distinguished by a veiled vision and inchoate longings.

These gradually take shape until he reaches the stage of acquiescence and aspiration.

On this cross the man reaches the stage of acquiescence and aspiration, and so prepares himself for the fixed cross of discipleship.

Then he finds himself upon the Fixed Cross and begins to grasp the whole of the purpose of experience upon the Mutable Cross (as far as humanity is concerned)

- and to realize that there is a 'hierarchical purpose' which can only be grasped by the man
who is willing to be crucified upon that Cross.

He reaches the stage of responsibility, self-awareness and right direction.

His orientation is now "the spiritually vertical which involves the inclusive horizontal."

At this stage, the Plan of the Logos begins to take shape in his consciousness.

Upon the Cardinal Cross, the purpose and the unified consummations of the two earlier crucifixions become almost blindingly apparent and a vision of the unified intent of the three Persons of the underlying Trinity (each upon His Own Cross) emerges with clarity.

The Esoteric Rulerships of the Signs
Aries - Mercury      | Taurus - Vulcan       | Gemini - Venus    | Cancer - Neptune
Leo - Sun               | Virgo - Moon           | Libra - Uranus      | Scorpio - Mars
Sagittarius - Earth | Capricorn - Saturn | Aquarius - Jupiter | Pisces - Pluto

The Esoteric Meanings of the Houses
 1st house - emergence of soul purpose, activities of the soul, the aura.
 2nd house - spiritual values, use of life energies.
 3rd house - mental energy, relating of higher and lower selves.
 4th house - the foundation of the soul.
 5th house - expression of spiritual will, actualization of Higher Self.
 6th house - personality integration, service through healing and nurturing.
 7th house - the path of inner union between the soul and personality.
 8th house - the path of the awakening of soul consciousness.
 9th house - knowledge of Cosmic Law and Ancient Wisdom.
 10th house - spiritual purpose and responsibility.
 11th house - spiritual visions, aspirations, spiritual groups.
 12th house - unredeemed past karma, bondage to personality, selfless service to humanity.

In Gemini Element Air

 In Virgo Element Earth

"The sin against the 'Holy Ghost'" has been the subject of much morbid wondering. The Tibetan states: "The misuse of substance and the prostitution of matter to evil ends is a sin against the 'Holy Ghost'."

However even sin is not without purpose in the 'Divine evolutionary plan'.

- For it is through sin which causes us 'intense suffering' that all of us must eventually learn
to rise above!

- This so called 'sin', which in the authors opinion is a misrepresentation of the whole idea / concept of what I would instead; refer to as 'imature-judgement'.

It was this sin, the greatest of his whole pilgrimage, that Hercules committed in Virgo, when he did not understand that the queen of the Amazons was to be redeemed by unity, not killed.

Over and over again the Tibetan emphasizes the fact that it is "through the medium of humanity that a consummation of 'light' effectiveness will be produced which will make possible the expression of the whole".

We still make the mistake of Hercules, when we forget that the triangle of the Trinity is an equilateral triangle, all angles of equal importance, to the working out of the Plan.2

It is in Virgo, after complete individualization in Leo, that the first step toward the union of spirit and matter is made, "the subordination of the form life to the will of the 'indwelling Christ'".

Ruler Virgo

The orthodox ruler of the sign Virgo is Mercury, "the versatile energy of the son of mind, the soul", the intermediary between the Father and Mother.

The esoteric ruler is the moon, veiling Vulcan.
The moon rules the 'form' and we are again reminded that it is the will of God to manifest through the form.

Vulcan is an expression of first ray energy,
while the moon exerts fourth ray energy;
Jupiter is the hierarchical ruler representing the second creative Hierarchy
(divine builders of earth's planetary manifestation), and brings in second ray energy.
 The sign Sagittarius Element Fire

 In Pisces Element Water

       Cardinal             Fixed              Mutable
            CARDINAL                 F I X E D                  M U T A B L E
                 'Risen Christ'                            'Discipeship'                              'Holy Spirit'
Go to Cardinal Cross  Go to Fixed Cross  Go to Mutable Cross
     Cardinal Cross    Fixed Cross    Cross Mutable

These three Crosses are, in their totality of manifestation, related to the 'three basic energies' which brought the solar system into being;

they constitute the three major and synthetic expressions of the 'Supernal Will',
motivated by 'Love' and expressed through activity.

Upon these Crosses, the ability to see the Whole, purpose-motive-expression, life-quality-appearance, shifts and changes.

C O S M I C - I N I T I A T I O N S
Are "NOW" Being Administered
Direct From the Heart of Galactica-Central


G U I D E D - M E D I T A T I O N S
Are "NOW" Being Administered
Direct From the Heart of Galactica-Central


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