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 I N I T I A T I O N
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This Initiation is most VITAL to the "HUMAN SPECIES" at this Present MOMent in Time.

This High Initiation is a "VEHICLE" to SOUL PURPOSE / Higher Consciousness / Bliss.


This "SACRED INITIATION" will lead you from a world of "DUALITY" to a world were "EVERYTHING IS ONE".




The "WILL" of the "EGO" must STEP ASIDE to begin the "MERGER WITH YOUR SOUL".

After which your "EGO" and "PHYSICAL VEHICLE" will undergo a series of "TRANSFORMATIONS"


Your "EGO" must have reached a "VERY HIGH LEVEL OF PURIFICATION" before the "MERGER" is Completed.

YOUR "EGO PERSONALITY" does NOT DISAPPEAR after the "MERGER", but instead becomes the "RECEPTACLE", of your "SOULS INTENT AND PURPOSE".

"EGO IDENTIFICATIONS" such as "I am a Lawyer, a Computer Programmer, a Businessman, a Healer, or whatever" will gradually have less and less meaning to us, for we begin to realize that these "EGO IDENTIFICATIONS" are just "MASKS" and transient "ILLUSIONS" that cover up our "REAL CENTER OF BEING".

This "REALIZATION" is the beginning of a "TURNING POINT" in our life, bringing with it a MULTITUDE of "GROWTH ORIENTATED TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS".

It is a "INITIATION" that brings a HIGH LEVEL of "SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATIONS including the unfolding of your "SPIRITUAL SENSES".

LETTING GO of our EGO'S GRIP on life brings about a "COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION" in our PSYCHE.

The MERGER with our "REAL CENTER OF BEING" brings about the REVELATION that our EGO is itself just a LIMITED PROJECTION.

Existence of Soul, or Self and Spirit

 The soul creates a body on Earth for exactly the same reason that scientists place
     satellites into outer space

 The journey of life in essence is cultivating the ability of the ego to look inward
     and perceive its true essence (soul).

Where naturalistic psychology rejects the existence of soul and spirit, and see the words as representing false ideas, other psychological theories accept them as realities.
These theories include a wide range of modern approaches, such as mentalism, Jungian analytic psychology, the 'diamond approach' of A.H. Almaas, transpersonal psychology and a range of newly-emerging spiritual approaches.
In addition to the ideas of many a philosopher, various versions of spiritism, mysticism and religious transcendentalism are becoming more influential in psychological therapy and research.
Several of these assume the existence of a variety of supra-sensory 'bodies' or 'envelopes', auric sheaths, chakras, various subtle energies, levels of consciousness and more besides.
Without pronouncing on the truth or fruitfulness of such ideas here, it can be said that such phenomena are very largely not themselves observable in the sense of being registered by any of our five external sense organs.
Therefore these concepts lend themselves to much abuse by dilettantes and charlatans. But it is essential to observe the absolute unavoidability of such conceptions in some form or another in any sensible and far-reaching discussion of human nature.
Even in ordinary conversation, words like spirit and soul are practically unavoidable. Were there nothing whatever at all corresponding to the word 'spirit', no spirituality could exist and the word would be meaningless.
Yet, on almost any reasonable definition of the word, spirituality does exist - at least say, as something opposed to animality or brutishness and as something superior to normal human fallibility.
The lives of truly great thinkers, artists, philosophers, saints and 'avatars' - and their works - bear indubitable witness to something known as spirit.
Seen from one end of the spectrum of development, human beings appear more as physical organisms having a mind, while from the other end appearíng more as conscious spirits having temporary bodies.
The physical side of human behaviour, communication and interaction is inseparably bound up with the inner, psychical aspects of our existence: of introspective self-investigation of the person as a subject.
Without either, there is simply no human being. To avoid both the extremes of 'misplaced concreteness' or undue materialism and unrealistic idealisms or spiritual dilettantism, therefore, we regard body and spirit as integrated into one continuum.1
 We are the Soul's hologram!
Everything we experience is a projection of our internal condition—unresolved issues within ourselves are projected onto our physical plane reality. The 'outer' is a reflection of the 'Inner'.

Any inner turmoil, conflicts, or doubts are mocked up, reflected and projected in our environment.
It may look like its happening to us as if we are victims of circumstance, but we actually created it.

We are the cause and effect of it!
 Humanity swims in a sea of illusion ...
     It appears that we interact with our world on many levels but we really only have one
     relationship—the one with our Soul
. The illusion is that 'anything is happening externally
     at all'
Whatever your difficulty, its really going on inside of you. The environment you find yourself in
is literally filled with information concerning your internal condition.
The Soul facilitates our evolution by the mechanism of constantly supplying 'feedback'
through the 'apparently' external events that happen to us.
We literally receive environmental Tarot readings all the time, "signs and omens."
Watch for these—they are happening to everyone constantly; people simply overlook them.5
When you say something's wrong, it is wrong 'within you'. When something is difficult
or not O.K. around you, it's because you have something difficult and not O.K. 'within you'.
Our first response is, of course, to blame others. When you find yourself doing this remember 'others' are just your 'mirror', revealing to you which parts of yourself you don't yet love.
Your 'environment mirrors' what is hurt and stuck inside of you ...
and simply acts as a 'reflecting lens back to you':
Life as a viewing screen of Self.

 Matter is the vehicle or sheath for the manifestation of Soul;

 Soul is the vehicle or sheath for the manifestation of Spirit;

 Matter, Soul and Spirit are a Trinity synthesized by Life which pervades them all.

 'The link between Spirit and personality is the soul'

 The "prison of the soul" is any set of deeply internalized conditions and response-patterns
     which inhibit the soul's ability to express self.

 The "function of the soul" is to serve as a 'base of operation' for the higher type of integration      the 'integration of spirit and matter' far transcending the individuals false sense of      separateness.

This soul, or 'divine spark', strives towards unity and perfection, and according to the Ancient Wisdom teachings, its motivation is 'selfless' and its purpose is 'service to humanity' or contribution to the greater whole.
The soul is a divine son of God, omniscient and omnipotent. As the 'immortal twin' increases in power and brilliance, that of the 'mortal brother' decreases.
The soul is that factor in matter (or rather that which emerges out of the contact between spirit and matter) which produces sentient response and what we call 'consciousness' in its varying forms;

- it is also that latent or subjective essential quality which makes itself felt as light or luminous radiation. It is the "self-shining from within" which is characteristic of all forms.
The achievement of 'full awareness' is of course the goal of the evolutionary process. Again symbolically speaking, the unevolved man emits or manifests no light.
The soul can be spoken of as the Son of the Father and of the Mother (Spirit-Matter) and is therefore the embodied life of God, coming into incarnation in order to reveal the quality of the nature of God, which is 'ESSENTIAL LOVE'.
This life, taking form, nurtures the 'QUALITY OF LOVE WITHIN ALL FORMS', and ultimately reveals the purpose of all creation. This is the simplest definition for average humanity, being couched in the language of mysticism, thus linking the 'truth' as found in all religions.
It is only when man is no longer deluded by appearance and has freed himself from
the 'veil of illusion' that he arrives at a knowledge of the quality of Cosmic consciousness.
He discovers his own soul, the product of the union of his Father in heaven with the Mother or the material nature. This last is the personality. He then, having discovered the personality, discovers the quality of his own soul life, and the purpose for which he has "appeared."
The 'personality' has no other function in the divine plan than to be a 'channel' for,
and 'the medium of expression of, the soul',

- so the lower mind is intended to be the channel for the pure inflow of higher mind energy;
A pure channel for the 'DIVINE WILL'.
The nature of the 'INTEGRATING PRINCIPLE' found within 'ALL COHERENT FORMS'
and on that which can (for lack of a better word) be called the S O U L or S E L F.
This principle, which informs the body nature and expresses its reactions through the emotional and mental states, is of course recognized by many schools of psychology, but remains nevertheless an unknown and undefinable quantity.
Earth is esoterically considered a school or 'laboratory' for the 'incarnating soul'. The soul draws substance to itself in order to build a body of manifestation on Earth; substance corresponds to, resonates with, and reveals the levels of consciousness potentially available to any organism.
The visible human being operates through a physical body which is dynamized by subtle interpenetrating fields of energy known as the etheric, astral and mental bodies; each of these vehicles is characterized by the particular quality of the substance of which it is formed, and 'together they comprise the personality'.
We are used to thinking of substance as something tangible in physical terms, but what is less completely understood is that substance is energy "captured" at various stages of refinement or expression; its origin is in the world of forces.
The physical body is the result or effect of preceding energetic causes 'whose ultimate source is Spirit', and 'the link between Spirit and personality is the soul'.
The relationship between the subtle and physical bodies is thus that of 'Spirit-soul-substance', and that paradigm describes a solar system as truly as it does a human being; each forms around a central spiritual core or idea, and 'that spark of Godhead eventually expresses in form'
The "prison of the soul" is any set of deeply internalized conditions and response-patterns which inhibit the soul's ability to express self.3
As long as the autocratic power of the I-center totally dominates and controls the closed mandala of personality, the mind is most often blinded by that power. The mind can only begin to become aware of the deepest and ultimate purpose it is meant to serve when the "I am" power of integration tends to break down, finding it too difficult to cope with crucial problems of life as an individual in constant conflict with other individuals within an increasingly chaotic society.
When, at the same time, another kind of power operating through the soul exerts constant pressure upon the mind and perhaps is able to penetrate its rigid structure with flashes of inspiration and intuition, the mind gradually — or in some cases suddenly — realizes its bondage to the "I am" center, and the nature of its higher function.
It begins to work at building the inner temple under the impulsion of the power it dimly senses operating through the soul. This power is, symbolically speaking, that of the zenith-star — a light-radiating entity belonging to a more-than-individual level of existence — the level at which the spiritual reality of Humanity-as-a-whole has its being.
The "function of the soul" is to serve as a 'base of operation' for the higher type of integration
— the 'integration of spirit and matter' far transcending the individuals false sense of separateness.
What is beyond the soul and uses it to serve as a 'base of operation' at the level of individualized human personalities, is Humanity as a spiritual Being encompassing all individuals — a Pleroma of consciousness and activity existing at a transindividual level.
All individualized persons can reach this level, but only if their minds not only become 'aware of the reality of the soul', but 'accept to include this reality' in the 'field of consciousness' and persuade the I-center to open itself and 'welcome' the unfamiliar and often disturbing experiences resulting from the 'admission of the soul into the field of consciousness'.
When the mind and the soul fully interpenetrate, the light and power of the 'greater whole', can fully illumine the field of consciousness. The 'I-center' accepts to 'surrender' its central station
- its "throne".
When the 'throne' of the "I" dissolves, under the the powerful profound influence of the 'Neptunian Transpersonal *L O V E* light'.
Through that central void, the light of the "star" — which our consciousness interprets as our transindividual self — can be seen.
Its rays transfigure the mind now 'united with the soul', and the power of the vast
'GALACTIC COMMUNION' of STARS reaches down into the 'Biological Roots' of the Human Being to gradually trans-substantiate the matter of the cells that life had bound and the mind had often perverted or filled with toxins produced by social ambition or individual vices.
 Please keep in mind that even the so called "perverted or filled with toxins produced
     by social ambition or individual vices" SERVES A NECESSARY EVOLUTIONARY PURPOSE.
 According to Jung
     When this occurs, a psychologically transforming process which Jung calls "the assimilation
     of the contents of the Unconscious"
and "the process of individuation" begins to operate.
 the 'Shadow'
     All processes of transition from a lower to a higher level generate what Carl Jung called
     the Shadow — a fact that Medieval theologians and Occultists expressed by saying that
     'Satan is God inverted'.
     symbolizes an 'inversion of the transpersonal process' — an inversion in most cases
     engendered by the 'PRIDE' of being able to develop an apparently 'totally independent,
     self-motivated individuality'
Such a 'pride-intoxicated I-center' eventually destroys the soul-area, and by so doing 'cuts itself loose from both the lower and the higher collectivity'.

It eventually becomes 'a center without a circumference', a mere abstract point, individuality pushed to the extreme in a quasi-absolute repudiation of the desire for relationship. This is the end of the 'inverted transpersonal process' — the end in store for the "black magician".
 'the White Magician'
     On the other hand, is produced by the "divine Marriage" of the 'objectively conscious
     and centered "I" with the soul'

This is the higher kind of 'alchemical Marriage' which, as we already saw, must occur in the "presence of God", that is, in a 'conscious relationship with the greater Whole', Humanity as a spiritual pleroma of beings.
The soul links the sociocultural collective to the 'transcendent reality' of Humanity-as-a-whole which, in religious terms, is represented by the 'Mystical Body of Christ'.
If we use the old Chinese terms, the soul is Yin, the individualized I-center, Yang.
The soul is the "Eternal Feminine" that draws men upwards.4
By seeking within for the 'pillar of stability' that lies at the core of our soul
we come to acquire an inner fortitude
; to assume a disposition that is 'unshakeable' in the face of external change.

The 'spirit principle' within us desires to create a new foundation that is based upon our own essence and that is perfect in its ability to support and nurture our human manifestation.
The 'Metamorphosis' into a profound state of heightened conscious awareness is the accomplished through the gradual down flow of light and 'transcendent radiant energy'
which passes through the soul.
The type of "matter" our senses perceive and our intellect categorizes as "physical" is 'transmuted' into a subtler kind , to which the imprecise name "etheric" has often been given.
This 'subtler matter' may also refer to what the traditions of India called 'Akasha'.
The existence of transindividual beings can be experienced once an 'unrestricted openness of the I-consciousness has been achieved', and the karma of the physical and emotional-mental personality makes such an experience possible and safe.
It would be neither safe nor possible in a concrete manner if the individual had not first passed through a 'process of biological and "magnetic" purification', and if the mind were not fully open to and 'welcoming the experience without fear'.
There are, however, 'various levels of realization — various kinds of experiences' that provide an increasingly solid and indisputable 'foundation' for what, at the level of a strictly individual and I centered consciousness, is at first only an "intuition".
When I refer to a transpersonal individual, I am not speaking of a transindividual being, but only of an individual person who has definitely taken steps on the path of 'radical and total transformation'.
The transpersonal way refers to this path which symbolizes a long and arduous process that can take a great variety of forms, yet which has a definite, nearly universal structure

— just as the embryonic development of a future human being, within the mother's womb, takes place according to a series of clearly marked phases.
This 'process of rebirth' is difficult and often requires intense phases of catharsis because of the inertia of the biological past and the sociocultural and individual karma that must be overcome.
All individuals whose minds have opened themselves to the 'messages or visions' that the
'soul reveals in symbolic forms', and who have "accepted the challenge of total transformation", have to undergo such a 'process of rebirth'.
In the life of any truly individualized person, a moment always comes when the implications of a 'Basic Choice' are more or less "CLEARLY PRESENTED" to the 'I-center'.
The 'choice' is between straining after greater perfection of form through which the self would be glorified and perhaps immortalized among men, and entering an unfamiliar "mountainous" path whose end seems always to recede beyond the horizon, and whose challenges are so complex or elusive that the mind is never able precisely to formulate them and deal directly with the problems they pose.
On that 'path of radical transformation', faith is needed — a faith requiring humility, as well as the courage which can only be born of an 'inner realization' of the irrevocable character of a decision whose source is more than merely mental, because it is in fact the progeny of the psychic "marriage" of the "soul and the mind".
The 'union of mind and soul' is a marriage in the true and spiritual sense of a "union" consecrated by God, for it occurs in the "DIVINE P R E S E N C E", intuitively felt if not clearly perceived as profound intense physical, mental and emotional "BLISS - RAPTURE", of the 'star', symbol of the divine state that is 'latent' in every human being.
This 'exalted state' of 'cosmic consciousness' is completely incomprehensible to the vast unconscious'sleeping' majority.
 In Astrological Symbolism

This is the level of existence represented by our galaxy, the 'Milky Way'. The star whose light and power first 'Radiates through the Soul' and eventually illumines the mind represents the 'trans-individual' state of existence of the human being.
The potentiality of that state has been inherent in every human being for perhaps millions of years; but it is still, for most human beings living today, only a distant potentiality. The greatest part of mankind is still hesitantly, and most often blindly, working to actualize this possibility.4
The astrological representation of "soul" is the "Moon".
Every human-being has his energy centres (astrological planets) located within one or more petals of the personality expression of his own causal lotus (i.e. the houses of the horoscope as indicated in his birth-chart).
In regard to his soul group connections he also has his centres situated within the petals of the 'physical' expression of the planetary logos' causal lotus (i.e. the zodiacal signs). Each planetary centre is thus saturated with a natural abundance of a particular house/sign vibration or quality
There is always the potential for each planetary energy to be harnessed and used by the soul in the process of creative evolution, but this is not the reality for most people.
A 'realignment' must first occur wherein the personality is freed from its fearful need to feel in absolute control, and so learn to open itself to the 'guidance of the soul'.
During the process of creative evolution we are required to develop and harness the energy / quality of the houses and signs that are opposite to our natal planets.

- The complete fulfillment of this process symbolises the successful union (the 'divine marriage')
of the Father and Mother principles (yod and ha) within our own birth-chart, and thus the consummation of our present incarnation.
When a transiting planet interacts with one of our natal planets it stimulates an event to occur within the experiential domain of the house of its movement.

- This event is creatively orchestrated by our own causal lotus (in communion with the Great Mother and the planetary logos) and is provided in order to assist us in the balancing and creative use of the house / sign polarity opposite to the natal planet involved.
The manifested inner / outer event encourages the release (or activation) within us of energy from the opposite pole which in turn can be used in the ongoing process of the fulfillment of our creative evolutionary purpose.
By consciously reading these symbolic events that cyclically and progressively emerge within our personal world, we are guided by our heart and mind into bringing our energy centres into creative balance.

 They find it impossible to discover its origin
they know not what it is, whether or no it is an informing entity, detached and separate from the body nature; they question whether it is an integrated energetic sum total brought into existence through the fusion of the body cells, and therefore, through the process of evolution, constituting a thinking, feeling entity; or whether it is no more than the aggregated life and consciousness of the cells themselves.

Keeping it Simple:

My philosophy has always been to reduce things to their simplest form.
There are many Mystery Schools, Occult Groups that make long lengthy procedures out of their ceremonies and "Initiations" with their incense, candles, robes, and other magical implements - tools.

All of these procedures are only necessary if you "BELIEVE" they are.
If you "THINK - BELIEVE" that it is necessary to accomplish steps A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J
in order to successfully receive an "INITIATION"; YOUR BELIEF WILL COME TRUE.

On the other hand "IF you BELIEVE" that only steps A and B are necessary, then THE END RESULT WILL BE EXACTLY THE SAME.

by reducing it all down to a single "ONE STEP FORMULA".

Yes the "SINGLE ONE STEP FORMULA" will work and will also YIELD the EXACT SAME RESULTS as our first example using "A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J".

1. We write the Scripts and the Scripts Run.

2. We become our Beliefs, so be careful what you "BELIEVE".

3. We are the Cause and Effect of what we are.
"We are what we think,all that we are arises within our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world." --- Buddha


Prerequisites to I N I T I A T I O N - Self Empowerment:

 Below are the 'Bare Bones' absolutely 'Necessary Prerequisites'
     to any 'Self Empowerment' - 'I N I T I A T I O N (s)'.
 Intention of the lower self personality must be that of willingness to 'S E R V E'.

     Not to service to self, but 'Service to Others' and the 'Higher Self' (Soul).

     Any 'Intent or Concerns about Self gain' will only SPOIL the Soup!
 A burning 'D E S I R E' to allow your 'S O U L' to 'Reveil its Intent and Purpose'.
 Complete and 'Total S U R E N D E R' of the 'personality - lower self'.
 A SINCERE 'I N V I T A T I O N' to the 'DIVINE WILL' to come in and 'take control'.
 B E L I E F beyond a 'shadow of doubt' that the 'INITIATION' will be 'SUCCESSFUL'.

    will 'NOT produce the ESSENCE and QUALITIES of the 'I N I T I A T I O N'.
    In fact it is more likely that one may NOT benefit at all!

Begin - S O U L - P U R P O S E - Initiation:

 Establish Contact with 'YOUR SOUL':

     VISUALIZE a 'BRILLIANT WHITE LIGHT' approximately Six inches above the "CROWN"
     of your head. This is where 'YOUR SOUL RESIDES'!
 Say the following words with full intent from the 'heart' through the 'mind':

     May that 'divine soul of mine' whose nature is 'L O V E and W I S D O M'
     direct events, impel to action, and guide my every 'thought, word, action and deed'.


     to PENETRATE and MERGE with your MIND and BODY.


     Imagine that your BODY is EMPTY;
     and there is a WINDOW ABOVE THE TOP (CROWN) of your HEAD


     Now 'FEEL YOUR SOUL' Flowing Throughout your Body from head to toe.
     Experience the SWEET and DELIGHTFULL long awaited 'UNION' with your
     'PURE BEING (soul)'.

     Gradually YOUR SOUL will begin REVEILING ITSELF
 From the "HEART THROUGH THE MIND" we accomplish ALL.
This S O U L - P U R P O S E Initiation technology
- was developed through the author of this site!

 The purpose behind all spiritual growth techniques is for the person to connect with their
     soul. Daily meditation builds a 'Bridge of Light', sometimes called the 'Rainbow Bridge',
     between the human body and the Soul.

     When you connect with your soul through meditation every day, your bridge of light
     solidifies and the Soul can merge Its consciousness and light into the body and personality.

When you meditate irregularly, your bridge of light is erratic and the Soul cannot merge
     with the body.-1.
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C O S M I C - I N I T I A T I O N S
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Direct From the Heart of Galactica-Central


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