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Fixed Cross - The Cross of the 'S O U L': - Discipleship

Fixed Cross  Cross Fixed

The four arms of this Cross are Taurus - Leo - Scorpio - Aquarius.

Fixed Signs
These signs are associated with fixed and stable emotional characteristics.
They also correspond to the Succedent houses of the wheel in the Quadruplicities.

It is called the Fixed Cross because the man is stretched upon it by the directed choice and immovable intent of his soul. 'From that decision there is no turning back'.

This is the Cross composed of the four energies which condition the life of the man who is first a probationary disciple and then an accepted or pledged disciple.

It is outstandingly the 'Cross of the soul'. The man who is upon the Fixed Cross is becoming increasingly aware of its direction and influences and does not respond as blindly as does the man upon the Mutable Cross.

He does not "mount this Cross of Right Direction" in a technical sense until he has attained some measure of 'soul contact' and has had some 'touch of illumination' and of 'spiritual intuition' - no matter how fleeting that touch may have been.

It is the Cross of "fixed vision and of that immovable intent which draws the man from points of light to 'blazing solar radiance'."

 The man upon the Fixed Cross says:
 I am the soul and here I stand.
 Naught shall remove my feet from off the narrow place whereon I stand.
 I face the light.
 I am the Light and in that light shall I see Light.

It is the Cross whose four energies blend with and transmit the energies of the solar system itself.

This it can do because the man upon the Fixed Cross is becoming increasingly conscious of issues which are larger than himself, more engrossing than his previous interests and which concern humanity in its relation to the solar forces and not just to the planetary forces.

He is becoming sensitive to a 'larger whole'.1

The Esoteric Rulerships of the Signs
Aries - Mercury      | Taurus - Vulcan       | Gemini - Venus    | Cancer - Neptune
Leo - Sun               | Virgo - Moon           | Libra - Uranus      | Scorpio - Mars
Sagittarius - Earth | Capricorn - Saturn | Aquarius - Jupiter | Pisces - Pluto

The Esoteric Meanings of the Houses
 1st house - emergence of soul purpose, activities of the soul, the aura.
 2nd house - spiritual values, use of life energies.
 3rd house - mental energy, relating of higher and lower selves.
 4th house - the foundation of the soul.
 5th house - expression of spiritual will, actualization of Higher Self.
 6th house - personality integration, service through healing and nurturing.
 7th house - the path of inner union between the soul and personality.
 8th house - the path of the awakening of soul consciousness.
 9th house - knowledge of Cosmic Law and Ancient Wisdom.
 10th house - spiritual purpose and responsibility.
 11th house - spiritual visions, aspirations, spiritual groups.
 12th house - unredeemed past karma, bondage to personality, selfless service to humanity.

In Taurus Element Earth

the symbol of creative force expressing itself through desire, we see the lower aspect of the 'divine creative force', sexual desire, 'transmuted' into, or sacrificed to, its higher aspect. It had to be 'raised' up into heaven.
The sign Leo Element Fire

is one of the four arms of the fixed cross in the heavens, the cross on which the 'Cosmic Christ' and the individual Christ are ever crucified. Perhaps the word "crucified" would have a true significance if we substituted for it the word "sacrificed", for in the unfoldment of the 'Christ consciousness' in the form, stage by stage, various aspects of the divine nature are seen as being sacrificed.

In Leo we see 'cosmic mind' working out in the individual as the lower 'reasoning mind', and this lower aspect has likewise to be 'sacrificed' and the little mind of man must be subordinated to the 'universal mind'.
In Scorpio Element Water

Higher aspect of Scorpio symbolized by Aquila the 'Eagle'
which is the third arm of the fixed cross, we find 'cosmic love' or cosmic attraction.

Lower aspect of Scorpio symbolized by Corvus the Raven
There it is shown in its lower aspect, and this we call the 'great Illusion';
and in Scorpio we see the aspirant upon the cross, sacrificing illusion to reality.
In Aquarius Element Air

we have the light of the 'universal consciousness' irradiating the human being and bringing about the sacrifice of the individual life and its 'merging' in the 'universal whole'.

This is the 'true crucifixion': the sacrifice of the reflection to the reality, of the lower aspect to the higher, and of the individual unit to the great 'sum total'.

It was these characteristics that the Christ so marvellously demonstrated. He showed himself as the Creator.

He showed himself as functioning under the influence of the 'illuminated mind'; he personified in himself the 'love of God', and he announced himself as the 'Light of the World'.

The problem before Hercules, therefore, was the problem of the sign; the crucifixion of the lower self and the conquering of individual self-assertion.

Cgnus the 'Swan'
In Aquarius, the consummating sign to Leo, we find Cygnus, the swan, the symbol of the
'bird of spirit'.

       Cardinal             Fixed              Mutable
            CARDINAL                 F I X E D                  M U T A B L E
                 'Risen Christ'                            'Discipeship'                              'Holy Spirit'
Go to Cardinal Cross  Go to Fixed Cross  Go to Mutable Cross
     Cardinal Cross    Fixed Cross    Cross Mutable

These three Crosses are, in their totality of manifestation, related to the 'three basic energies' which brought the solar system into being;

they constitute the three major and synthetic expressions of the 'Supernal Will',
motivated by 'Love' and expressed through activity.

Upon these Crosses, the ability to see the Whole, purpose-motive-expression, life-quality-appearance, shifts and changes.

The Fixed Stars and the Fixed Signs

The four signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius - are related to the following 'STARS'
which are not numbered in the twelve signs of the zodiac; they constitute another field of relationships:




 Leo to 'Polaris', the 'Pole Star' - North Star, found in the 'Little Bear'.

Polaris - The 'Star of Direction' - governing Shamballa. Later, another Pole Star will take the place of Polaris, owing to the interplay of forces in the universe and the general shift and movement.
But the name and quality of this star will only be 'revealed at initiation'.


 Scorpio to 'S I R I U S'  - 'I S I S', the 'Dog Star'.

Scorpio is under the influence or inflowing energy of 'S I R I U S' - 'I S I S'.



Sirius - The 'Star of Sensitivity' - governing the 'Hierarchy'.

Sirius is esoterically called the "brilliant star of sensitivity."

The 'Light' of Sirius is sometimes referred to as the The 'Bond Rays'.

Sirius (Isis) transforms the 'mundane' into the 'Sacred'.

This is the GREAT STAR of 'INITIATION' because our Hierarchy (an expression of the second aspect of divinity) is under the supervision or spiritual magnetic control of the Hierarchy of Sirius.
Ancient Egyptians worshiped the star Sirius (Isis) as its July rising brought fertility to the land through the flooding of the Nile River.

An ancient African tribe called the Dogon knew that the star Sirius was a binary star (twins) long before the discovery of telescopes confirmed what the Dogon already knew.2


 Aquarius to 'AlcyONE', one of the 'seven Pleiades'.

The Pleiades are the symbol of the 'SOUL' around which the wheel of life revolves.

Alcyone, called the 'CENTRAL SUN' of our universe, and around it circles our sun,
with its attendant planets.

Alcyone - The 'Star of the Individual' - governing 'Humanity'.

Alcyone, located near Orion at 30 degrees Taurus,
'represents lessons in non-judgment and higher vision'.2

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G U I D E D - M E D I T A T I O N S
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