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 C O S M I C - I N I T I A T I O N of the "H E A R T
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This Initiation is most VITAL to the "HUMAN SPECIES" at this Present MOMent in Time.

This High Initiation is your "VEHICLE" to Higher Consciousness / Bliss.

Neptune’s transcendence of ego-boundaries leads to ecstasy, grace, rapture, or bliss: states that are difficult to describe with words and that are transpersonal, extratemporal, or divine in nature.

Many spend most of their lifes Practicing Consciousness Raising Techniques and Meditations, but only few reach the Higher levels of Awareness / Cosmic Consciousness / Enlightenment / Rapture and Bliss / etc. etc....

This technology was developed through the author of this site to enable you to enter the realms of Higher Consciousness "NOWhere"!

N E P T U N E Breath is a faster than the "Speed of Light Vehicle" that will provide you with endless "Transformations and Initiations".

Transpersonal N E P T U N E is the "Higher Octave / Higher Frequency" of "VENUS".

Neptune resonates as the higher octave of Venus and symbolizes the higher emotional center that refines the feeling nature.

The Personal Love of Venus can be transformed into the Higher Transpersonal Compassion of Neptune.

In the Love Department Venus is on the Lower Shelf (Lower Self) and plays CUPID with ATTRACTIONS.

Where as N E P T U N E can always be found on the Top Shelf (Higher Self) whose ONLY CONCERN is for TRANSPERSONAL issues.

The EGO must "COMPLETELY STEP ASIDE", or more DEVISTATING SHOCKS may be Administered by N E P T U N E.

Like the steady crash of waves on the rocky seashore, the TRANSPERSONAL force of Neptune provides the "SHOCK of UNITY" through GRADUAL EROSION of BOUNDARIES, BORDERS and BARRIERS that have ISOLATED and HELD US CAPTIVE in the WORLD of DUALITY.


- in order to begin REARRANGING and REALIGNING our life as we know it to more TRUTH and HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS / HIGHER FREQUENCIES.

The "METAMORPHOSIS" that results from "Neptune's Overwhelming Influence" on us eventually brings about the "CHANGE of RULER-SHIP" WITHIN".

After many unsuccessful attempts by our Lower Self to Remain in Power and Maintain its Seat as the EMPEROR on the Throne, it will finally realize it is a "LOSING BATTLE" and RELINQUISH its POSITION as RULER to our HIGHER SELF.

Begin N E P T U N E - Breath:

Establish Contact with NEPTUNE
Mentally; just simply say to yourself:
I am now 'CONNECTED' to the Transpersonal Force of NEPTUNE.

ON 'Every' INHALE:
Breath in the "ENTIRE UNIVERSE"
Imagine breathing through the pores of your skin from head to toe;
feeling your whole body breathing in the "UNIVERSE"

ON 'Every' EXHALE:
Mentally say; There is only "ONE LIFE BEING LIVED"
Now "FEEL DEEP COMPASSION" Flowing Throughout your Body from head to toe.


Breathing should be slow, smooth, continuous and deep without straining.

With every Neptune Breath you take you are feeling more and more
of the "Transpersonal L O V E and C O M P A S I O N" for ALL of Existence.

You are now undergoing Neptune's process of 'I N I T I A T I O N'

The Deeper you Feel "COMPASSION" the more you will benefit.

From the "HEART THROUGH THE MIND" we accomplish ALL.

The N E P T U N E Breath technology was developed through the author of this site!

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N E P T U N E - Speaks to YOUR HEART:
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We may use Neptune as healers, guides, religious ministers, mystics: in prayer, meditation, to strive toward that which we call god. - Christina Rose

U r a n u s - N e p t u n e - P l u t o

Archetypal Forces / Higher Frequencies
are outside the Control and Comprehension of the EGO. (1.)

Transpersonal experience gives our personality a context beyond yet also inclusive of itself and this often occurs with the phenomena of outside shocks. They are outside the control and comprehension of ego.

Real life delivers outside shocks that confront ego with objective truths, those existing conditions of real life that the ego did not cause or cannot manipulate.

When faced with circumstances beyond our control, we either learn to acquiesce or surrender or, we extend our suffering by resisting reality.

Outside shocks coincide with the astrological symbols of the transpersonal planets, or forces, as;
the shocks of oppression/freedom (Uranus),
the shocks of isolation/unity (Neptune),
and the shocks of death/rebirth (Pluto).

Outside shocks trigger growth spurts, inciting new possibilities where previous crystallizations thwarted development.

With each new shock, the personality often enters a temporary disorientation period, a rapid growth cycle, wherein creative opportunities emerge for rearranging and realigning our life as we know it to more truth and higher frequencies.

N E P T U N E:

Transpersonal Compassion and Inspiration (1.)

Through Neptune, consciousness is no longer sharply focused through the singular point of the ego. Instead, we experience a “diffused” state of awareness. Empathy toward others; dream states; clairvoyance; meditation; creative imagination: all fall under the category of such “nonego” states. The thread running through all such phenomena is an in-depth, transpersonal imagination: the image-generating power of the collective uncon­scious. (2.)

Negative Function of Neptune:
In its negative function, Neptune prevents the ego from fully forming or maturing or leaves an aspect of the ego-complex permanently “out of focus.” Uncertainty of purpose (e.g., regarding career or identity) will result.

Neptune, the god of the sea, submerges the ego: dissolving its foundation; blurring its perceptions; inhibiting its ability to discern and discriminate; and leaving it prey to the “denizens of the deep”: the destructive forces of the archetypal unconscious.

Positive Function of Neptune:
In its positive expression, the Neptunian “dissolving and diffusing” process results in extending the perimeters of soul. One of the ego’s functions is to limit the range of sense perception by narrowing the focal point of conscious­ness.

This prevents us from being overwhelmed by what surrounds us; it allows us to focus upon one thing at a time. Through the medium of imagination, Neptune relaxes this pinpoint concentration and helps us to interact with broader aspects of the supramaterial realm.

Neptune symbolizes a direct experience of the Sacred Absolute.
Indeed, much of the language used to describe this ineffable process is borrowed from mystical liter­ature and spiritual tradition, which honors the nonrational experiences that move us and which are impossible to express in a literal, direct manner.

Neptune relieves us of ego constraints in direct proportion to our capacity to grow more yielding, recep­tive, and open to things that take us “beyond ourselves” (and to miraculously return from such nonego states with our ego intact, healthy, and rebounding).

Through Neptune, we realize the potential elasticity of consciousness: its ability to stretch beyond ordinary boundaries and to seemingly transcend itself. Therefore, Neptune increases the permeability of the ego-complex. If we can overcome a fear of “dissolving,” the ego is expanded beyond its everyday limits.

Empathy and compassion:
are typical phenomena that develop as a result of the Neptune effect. While Pluto rules “objective truth and in-depth comprehension of a Divine Self,” Neptune rules empathy with other sen­tient creatures, particularly in the spiritual context of empathizing with the world soul.

Through Neptune, we feel the divine nature in ourselves or experience a sense of merging with the soul of a person, place, or thing.

States of Rapture / Bliss: Neptune’s transcendence of ego-boundaries leads to ecstasy, grace, rapture, or bliss: states that are difficult to describe with words and that are transpersonal, extratemporal, or divine in nature.

Such extraordinary states of consciousness are typically expressed with symbols (much like those experienced in dreams). Traditionally, Neptune is associated with the image-generating aspect of the psyche. It also rules the constantly evolving imagery found within the universe itself (and the image-less phenomena of gravity and of interstellar space).

Images are Imagined:
In the phenomenal world, every object we perceive–rock, bird, plant, sky–is also an “image”: an “imagined” means of perception. Though we cannot perceive the subatomic world, we “imagine” we perceive matter in its objectively real state.

Yet, such images communicate a metaphoric essence: they “imaginatively” describe the nature of the object we perceive. As the ruler of imagination, Neptune describes how we perceive and, therefore, conceive of the immaterial world, i.e., what we imagine reality to be. (The Latin root of the word perceive means “to grasp thoroughly.”)

Neptune’s function of consciousness expansion (achieved through the paradoxical method of momentarily dissolving conscious­ness) is safely experienced only when the physical and psychic nature is emotionally healthy, philosophically tempered, and spiritually prepared.

World Soul (transpersonal or world soul, the anima mundi) Communication:
Whatever its mundane manifestation, when experienced as a Transcendental energy Neptune inspires the imagination and serves as a vehicle for communion with the world soul. Just as the “world of the sea” is scientifically recognized as the primal matrix of life, Neptune’s role as the “Lord of the Depths” is to facilitate a process of spiritual growth, extending the reach of the emo­tions, the creative imagination, and the empathic capacity of the transpersonal soul through its mysterious ability to emerge from the “oceanic depths” of one level of yin con­sciousness to the next.

Keynote phrases for Neptune:
• Wisdom gained through the surrender of consciousness to nonego or transpersonal states, often assisted by a “drift” of the imagination or a “spinning” of fantasy.

• The experience of the personal soul (Moon) merging with the transpersonal or world soul, the anima mundi.

• Profound spiritual experience, especially that of a “blissful” nature.

• The further evolution of Jupiter’s yin energy, which has now “expanded” (Jupiter) into a state of “diffuse awareness” or “dissolution of consciousness” (Neptune).

• The final form of yin consciousness in the symbolic solar system.

• Yin experienced as a “mystical union” or as a “cosmic relationship” with the transpersonal soul. (2.)

of Isolation, Unity, Mercy, Dreams, Aspirations and Disappointments

Dissolving arbitrary barriers that obscure the experience of unity.




our most profound epiphanies and enlightenments. In relation to ego personality, this transpersonal force acts as solvent;

-- a kind of acid bath -- dissolving such self-imposed, arbitrary divisions as;
'US' and 'THEM,'
'ME' and 'YOU'
'GOOD' and 'EVIL,'

Neptune exposes the underlying unity of existence.
Neptune as the great leveler.

Neptune also represents the need for "EGO SACRIFICE" and intimacy with the formless substance of Void, the potential energy behind and within everything that exists.

Exercising our capacity for Imagination and Inspiration encourages harmonious interaction with this ELUSIVE force astrology calls Neptune.

Neptune as Dreaming Force of Dissolution:
Like the steady crash of waves on the rocky seashore, the transpersonal force of Neptune symbolizes a;

Shock of UNITY through gradual erosion of boundaries, borders and barriers that have isolated us.

UNITY, as the term is used here, infers;
an 'Indivisibility with All Things';
all existence is unified by virtue of all things existing...unity at the level of existence itself.

Astrological Neptune also represents the invisible, pervasive force of our dreams.

From our highest expectations, ideals, and aspirations, to the night dreams where our "DREAMBODY DREAMS ITSELF AWAKE", Neptune symbolizes the spectrum of sublime immateriality: Of inspiration and madness, poetry and insanity, music and noise.

Stimulating our more imaginative, poetic, and musical sensibilities to new heights.

disappointments, disillusionments, and heartbreaks

In context to life in the material world, Neptune refers to those areas subject to our greatest disappointments and disillusionments

Neptune / higher octave of Venus:
Neptune resonates as the higher octave of Venus and symbolizes the higher emotional center that refines the feeling nature.

Personal love (Venus) can transform into transpersonal compassion (Neptune);
in a certain kind of suffering I call "enlightened disillusionment."

As we face the exposure and dissolution of our own misinformed expectations and psychological projections, we can see our disillusionments as the dissolving of illusions and perhaps, start seeing things as they are.

Yes, this can hurt, yet it does meet a transpersonal "Neptunian" need for species enlightenment.

It can manifest positively in ever-increasing waves of mercy, compassion, and inspiration.

Consciousness of Neptune:
At the most basic, inorganic level of existence, we are all made of the stuff of stars.

This is not something we think of very often. Yet, there is a consciousness within us that allows for this thought, and this consciousness is called Neptune.

It is easy to overlook the underlying unity of all life when our differing ideas and beliefs maintain the arbitrary divisions that sustain our illusions of separateness.

When these illusions become crystallized (when they are taken too seriously), we suffer increasing isolation.

Even though we may be surrounded by friends, family, and admirers, we have internally cut ourselves off from the greater whole that we are a part of.

Sooner or later, our lives attract outside shocks concerning the objective reality of unity - a unity that is always present, yet rarely experienced.


Keywords or short phrases can be thought-provoking, often more so than longer astrological interpretations = words can be adapted to many kinds of situations, and thus they activate our own creativity better than specific interpretations. Enjoy this list of Neptunian keywords:

aesthetic, artistic, creative, musical talents
bliss, nirvana, cosmic consciousness
chaotic life-style
charming, alluring, appealing, magnetic, fascinating
clairvoyance, psychic abilities, telepathy
compassion, empathy, sympathy
confusion, disorientation
creativity, genius
deep feelings
disillusionment, misunderstandings
dreaminess, forgetfulness
dreams, sleep
escape, avoidance of harsh realities
feeling for the underdog, pity
grace, protection, guidance
idealism, high ideals
identifies with everything
imagination, fantasy, utopias
insight, vision
invisibility, not seen as it is, hidden, misunderstood
lack of interest in material things, impractical
lacks ability to resist environment
merging, tuning in
miracles, magic
mysticism, mystical states
no boundaries, unclear identity
other-wordliness, immateriality
peace seeking
permissiveness, anything goes, inability to say no
philanthropy, charitableness
profoundness, penetrating
receptivity, impressionableness
renunciation, resignation, surrender
psychic and prophetic abilities, clairvoyance, telepathy
sensitivity, softness, gentleness, kindness, subtlety
suggestibility, susceptibility to atmospheres and outside influences
transcendence, universality
vagueness (4.)


Neptune transits herald eras of various forms of border breakdown and sacrifice in the collapse of the arbitrary defenses, assumptions, and expectations that obscure the experience of unity.

Neptune transits can manifest negatively through a greater frequency of disappointments, disillusionments, and heartbreaks, especially in areas where our expectations have divided us from life as it is.

Or they can manifest positively in ever-increasing waves of mercy, compassion, and inspiration. As with other transpersonal transits, these outside shocks are neither negative nor positive, in and of themselves, but are instead neutral and impersonal. The cosmos is not out to get us. The cosmos is only out to get the paranoids (it’s a joke; laugh). Outside shocks arrive as fate and are often beyond our control and comprehension. What makes any experience negative or positive is how we respond. Neptune doesn't shock us. When self-imposed and culturally conditioned barriers cause us to suffer the illusion of separateness, our brittle defenses are more easily shocked by the objective unity of life; Neptune transits act as a measure of this timing.

Neptune transits can also signify an emerging transpersonal need for restoring the lost sense of the sacred in our lives, by a call to sacrifice what has divided us from the spiritual. To sacrifice is to make sacred.

Neptune transits can bring about a blurring of personal boundaries in the areas (houses and aspected planets) fraught with obsolete mental fixations and prejudices that can cause confusion and disorientation, to the extent that we resist the dissolution of our ego defenses.

Yet, this very loss of clarity and perspective (sustained by the illusion of separateness) may birth the need for the very faith to endure life's many uncertainties. Like a ship navigating a fog bank on the high seas, we can safely pass through our own "zero-visibility zones" by relying on the human sonar of faith and the inner senses of listening, feeling, and intuiting.

Neptune transits can also inspire impressions of ineffable beauty that leave the literalist intellect gasping for air, while stimulating our more imaginative, poetic, and musical sensibilities to new heights. Neptune transits seem to coincide with a kind of gentling restoration of our sense of unity and boundlessness.

Astrology as an Archetypal Language (1.)

Archetypal forces are autonomous energies with lives and agendas of their own. What I hope to encourage here is an intuitive grasp of the archetypes as living forces within our humanity; in humanity we discover the divine and within the divine, our humanity. With this perspective, the language of astrology can be studied and used to deepen experience of the very life living through us.

Since Pluto symbolizes energies originating at the farthest reaches of the archetypal realm, Pluto’s language, like that of myth, religion, and poetry, is metaphoric: rich in imagery and ideation.

After a simple semantic adjustment is made -- think forces, not planets -- we can learn to use astrology to discern two distinct yet related energies: personal and transpersonal. Astrology, as I'm using it here, involves a process of setting up communication lines with energies -- spirits in the material world -- for the purpose of knowing them more directly, of embodying them, and realizing ourselves in the process.


* Ego structures, will and vitality: Sun
* Habits, emotions and needs: Moon
* Thoughts, intellect and talking: Mercury (the force of our THEORIES)
* Affinities, aesthetics and attractions: Venus
* Excitements, actions and aggression: Mars (MOTIVES)
* Beliefs, dogmas and perceptions: Jupiter
* Fears, Ambitions and Commitments: Saturn
* Innate autonomy, rebellions and social activism: Uranus
* Dreams, aspirations and disappointments: Neptune
* Soul intent, power (politics) and obsessions: Pluto

These personal and transpersonal forces, as symbolized by the astrological planets, express the existing conditions and tendencies of energies actively influencing our daily lives. To the extent we are aware of their effects and interact with them is a matter of personal choice, effort, and the struggle to remain conscious of their imminent realities. Whether it is the force of habit or will or belief or the force of our dreams, there is no escaping their presence. Nothing can make them go away. No amount of self-denial, intoxication, or mental negation can truly control or extinguish the archetypes.

They are autonomous forces with lives of their own that seem to act out their own agendas or intentions. At best, astrology can be used as a language to track and understand these intentions and perhaps provide a code for interacting with the archetypes themselves. With enough practice and humility (always remember, we are not the archetypes -- we are nobody but ourselves), we can open the door to participate with them by aligning our consciousness with the forces that be.

When diligent self-observation accompanies the study of astrology, this language avails itself as a true communications medium through which all manner of messages can be received, stored, and transmitted. We speak with the cosmos and the cosmos speaks back.

Many astrologers believe that the asteroids do indeed have a part to play in the assessment of an astrological chart. The asteroids are important in archetypal astrology, and include Ceres (the Great Mother), Pallas Athena (Goddess of Wisdom), Vesta (the Temple Priestess) and Juno (Goddess of Marriage) amongst many others.

C O S M I C - I N I T I A T I O N S
Are "NOW" Being Administered
Direct From the Heart of Galactica-Central


G U I D E D - M E D I T A T I O N S
Are "NOW" Being Administered
Direct From the Heart of Galactica-Central



This information is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis of specific medical conditions. You should seek prompt professional medical attention if you have a particular concern about your health or specific symptoms.

Meditation can produce strong effects, not always salutary. Therefore it is advised to seek experienced guidance. Neither newagemind.com nor the Author(s) can be held responsible for any negative effects of any M E D I T A T I O N / I N I T I A T I O N practices.

By practicing any of these meditation / initiation techniques you do so at YOUR OWN RISK and acknowledge you have read and agree to the terms of this disclaimer.

Use your own discretion while trying them. Meditation is a person's own journey to his inner self. What may suits some people may not suits everybody. If you are ill or weak, take your doctor's advice before trying meditation. Again - use your own discretion.

Though meditation has been shown to be helpful in certain medical conditions, it should never be considered as a substitute for medical treatment, for psychological or psychiatric counseling, or for needed medication.

If you feel discomfort while practicing the meditations, stop immediately. If you are a heart patient or suspect that you may have a heart ailment, consult a physician before practicing.

Because each person's health needs are different, a physician should be consulted before acting on any information provided in these materials.

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