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Astrology as an Archetypal Language

The idea of 'natal astrology' is ancient and based in the concept that we are all affected by the position of the sun on the day we were born, this concept is derived because 'We are all Electro-magnetic energy Created by the Sun'.

In other words 'We are Star or Sun stuff'. The Pharaoh Akhenaten held such a view when he over threw the established house of Amen or Amun to establish a new city and religion on the banks of the Nile at Akhet-Aten.

According to the ancients and some modern indigenous races, the Sun is the Father and the Earth is the Mother, or Matter.

The Father Seeds the Mother by sending the 'Soul' into the material form, the body, which is the 'Sheath of the Soul' created from the dust of the earth.

In other words, the MOMent we are born our soul is considered to enter our body directly from the sun.

The seven planets that surround the sun were known as the gods and affected the personality of the souls that leave the sun on their journey to earth to become incarnate in a material form.5

Egyptian birth of horoscope astrology

"It was Egypt that gave birth to horoscope astrology, an Egypt that had made close contact with the ideas of the Babylonians. Pharaonic Egypt had a great interest in astronomy. This is evident in too many ways to mention. But it was the kind of astronomy that involved stars rather than planets.

The Egyptians were masters of aligning buildings, temples and especially the pyramids to fixed stars, apparently in an effort to bring about sympathy between terrestrial structures and the stars with which they were associated. Their ability to survey and align buildings with stars was incredibly accurate, often within minutes of arc of the perfect alignment.

But they do not seem to have had any planetary theory, nor did they have the proper mathematical techniques. The Mesopotamians inherited the sexadecimal system of numbers from the Sumerians, a system which used place notation in numbers much like our modern decimal system, and which had sexagesimal fractions very similar in kind to our decimal fractions.

This enabled the Mesopotamians to do complex computations that would have been difficult in any other ancient system of numerical notation. The other ancient peoples paid Mesopotamian mathematical notation the supreme compliment.

They used it whenever they had to do similar calculations of their own. The Egyptians had nothing like it. But they did have a strong sense of a need for terrestrial matters to be brought into synchrony with the heavens.6

The 'Celtic Cross' - Real Time Observation

To achieve a non-mathematical and practical result, the Egyptians used an inherited instrument that was to be hidden and lost by the Christian movement over the last two thousand years. The blame for this may be the responsibility of Constantine at the beginning of the Byzantine expansion.

This was a famous practical instrument that was turned into an icon and became known as the Calvary and Celtic crosses associated with Christ and Christianity. Constantine dubbed the cross, suns symbol and it was lost to modern minds as a result.

The loss is enormous in terms of understanding the methods and mentality of our ancestors and yet it is evident for all to see on churches and gravestones all around the world.

Yet it is more ancient than Christianity and is to be seen in stonework all over the ancient world from Ancient Egypt to pre Columbian South America. Evidence of this device is extant in the Dixon Relics discovered in the north shaft of the Queens Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Khufu in 1872.

It is also obvious in the navigational device known as the Celtic cross, which was used by mariners as a precursor of the sextant.6

Archetypal forces

are autonomous energies with lives and agendas of their own. What I hope to encourage here is an intuitive grasp of the archetypes as living forces within our humanity; in humanity we discover the divine and within the divine, our humanity. With this perspective, the language of astrology can be studied and used to deepen experience of the very life living through us.

Since Pluto symbolizes energies originating at the farthest reaches of the archetypal realm, Pluto’s language, like that of myth, religion, and poetry, is metaphoric: rich in imagery and ideation.

After a simple semantic adjustment is made -- think forces, not planets -- we can learn to use astrology to discern two distinct yet related energies: personal and transpersonal. Astrology, as I'm using it here, involves a process of setting up communication lines with energies -- spirits in the material world -- for the purpose of knowing them more directly, of embodying them, and realizing ourselves in the process.


  Ego structures, will and vitality: Sun
Habits, emotions and needs: Moon
Thoughts, intellect and talking: Mercury (the force of our THEORIES)
Affinities, aesthetics and attractions: Venus
Excitements, actions and aggression: Mars (MOTIVES)
Beliefs, dogmas and perceptions: Jupiter
Fears, Ambitions and Commitments: Saturn
Innate autonomy, rebellions and social activism: Uranus
Dreams, aspirations and disappointments: Neptune
Soul intent, power (politics) and obsessions: Pluto

These personal and transpersonal forces, as symbolized by the astrological planets, express the existing conditions and tendencies of energies actively influencing our daily lives. To the extent we are aware of their effects and interact with them is a matter of personal choice, effort, and the struggle to remain conscious of their imminent realities. Whether it is the force of habit or will or belief or the force of our dreams, there is no escaping their presence. Nothing can make them go away. No amount of self-denial, intoxication, or mental negation can truly control or extinguish the archetypes.

They are autonomous forces with lives of their own that seem to act out their own agendas or intentions. At best, astrology can be used as a language to track and understand these intentions and perhaps provide a code for interacting with the archetypes themselves. With enough practice and humility (always remember, we are not the archetypes -- we are nobody but ourselves), we can open the door to participate with them by aligning our consciousness with the forces that be.

When diligent self-observation accompanies the study of astrology, this language avails itself as a true communications medium through which all manner of messages can be received, stored, and transmitted. We speak with the cosmos and the cosmos speaks back.
Zodiac of 'Ten Signs'

Originally the zodiac consisted only of ten constellations and, at some date practically unknown, the two constellations, Leo and Virgo, were 'one symbol'.

Perhaps the mystery of the 'sphinx' is connected with this, for in the sphinx we have the lion with a woman's head, Leo with Virgo, the symbol of the lion or 'kingly soul', and its relation to the matter or Mother aspect.

It may, therefore, signify the two polarities, masculine and feminine, positive and negative.
Many astrologers believe that the asteroids do indeed have a part to play in the assessment of an astrological chart. The asteroids are important in archetypal astrology, and include Ceres (the Great Mother), Pallas Athena (Goddess of Wisdom), Vesta (the Temple Priestess) and Juno (Goddess of Marriage) amongst many others.1

U r a n u s - N e p t u n e - P l u t o

Archetypal Forces / Higher Frequencies
are outside the Control and Comprehension of the EGO.

Transpersonal experience gives our personality a context beyond yet also inclusive of itself and this often occurs with the phenomena of outside shocks. They are outside the control and comprehension of ego.

Real life delivers outside shocks that confront ego with objective truths, those existing conditions of real life that the ego did not cause or cannot manipulate.

When faced with circumstances beyond our control, we either learn to acquiesce or surrender or, we extend our suffering by resisting reality.

Outside shocks coincide with the astrological symbols of the transpersonal planets, or forces, as;
the shocks of oppression/freedom (Uranus),
the shocks of isolation/unity (Neptune),
and the shocks of death/rebirth (Pluto).

Outside shocks trigger growth spurts, inciting new possibilities where previous crystallizations thwarted development.

With each new shock, the personality often enters a temporary disorientation period, a rapid growth cycle, wherein creative opportunities emerge for rearranging and realigning our life as we know it to more truth and higher frequencies.1

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